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Las Vegas Vehicular Manslaughter Defense Lawyers

Nevada Vehicular Manslaughter LawsNevada Vehicular Manslaughter Laws

The city of Las Vegas is always busy, including the traffic on the streets and highways. Problems can arise when an intoxicated individual steps behind the wheel and, as a result of their drunkenness, causes the death of an innocent accident victim. Unintentionally causing someone’s death in this way is defined under Nevada vehicular manslaughter laws per NRS 484B.657. The act must have been caused unintentionally due to omission or simple negligence and is a misdemeanor. The penalties for the offense can escalate, however, if the offense was committed in a temporary traffic control zone, a school zone, or a construction zone.

When a person causes the death of an innocent victim while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is vehicular homicide under NRS 484C.130 and is punishable as a category B felony under NRS 484C.430. The penalty involves 2-20 years in state prison and a fine of $2,000-$5,000. Due to the serious nature of such charges, it is in your best interest to hire a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney immediately if you have been charged with vehicular homicide or violating Nevada vehicular manslaughter laws. Clark County, Nevada Criminal Attorney Gregory D. Knapp can provide the capable defense that you need, so call my firm today.

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