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Traffic Violations

Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Lawyers

As such a busy city, it goes without saying that Las Vegas sees a vast number of traffic violations each year. From red light and stop sign violations to reckless driving and DUI, hundreds upon hundreds of individuals find themselves facing expensive tickets or serious criminal charges in Las Vegas. Call our Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyers today if you have been ticketed or arrested for any of the following traffic violations:

Las Vegas Attorney Protecting Your Driving Privileges

Call our Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyers today if you are facing charges of these or other traffic crimes. Only a skilled lawyer can investigate every detail of your case to gather evidence and build a strong defense. As a former Chief Deputy District Attorney in Clark County, I know what the prosecution needs to succeed in prosecuting your case and can use that information to defend you. Call our Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyers today to schedule your free initial case evaluation and discuss your legal options with me directly. I handle every case personally and will never hand your case to anyone else.

Contact Our Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Lawyers

You cannot afford to go another day without the counsel and defense of an experienced Las Vegas traffic crime lawyer. For more than 16 years, our Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyers have practiced both prosecution and defense for all kinds of criminal cases in Vegas and the surrounding area. Such experience gives me an edge against the prosecution in your case and provides you with the best chance at a successful defense. Please feel free to contact our Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyers at your earliest convenience to take advantage of the free consultation. With my help, you can fight your ticket or avoid a wrongful criminal conviction!

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