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Possession with Intent to Distribute

There are two different criminal charges that a person can face regarding the possession of an illegal substance. The first is simple possession and the second is possession with intent to distribute (PWID). The latter of these charges is more difficult to prosecute, since it must be proven that the alleged offender not only possessed the drugs, but intended to distribute them to others. Charges of PWID can range from a category D felony to a category B felony, depending on the type of drug and the amount in question.

Speak with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney from my firm today if you have been arrested under charges of PWID, sales, or trafficking of any type of drug, including marijuana and cocaine. As a former Chief Deputy District Attorney with Clark County, I have a thorough understanding of Nevada state laws, as well as all federal laws regarding drug crimes. I am more than qualified to provide aggressive and effective defense against your PWID charges, so call today to consult for free and find out more about what I can do for you.



Without successful defense from a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, you could face 3-15 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000. Contact Gregory D. Knapp, Esq. right away if you have been accused of possession any drug with the intent to distribute it to another. I can thoroughly investigate your case to prove that the drug was not in your possession or that you had no intent to distribute it. Even a reduction of charges is better than nothing, and my firm will fight relentlessly for the best possible outcome. Call today or fill out my online case evaluation to get started on your defense.