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Nevada Marijuana Laws

nevada marijuana lawsMarijuana Laws In Nevada

Marijuana may now be legal in Nevada, but it’s not “anything goes.” If you plan to use marijuana, it’s important to know and follow the laws. The Nevada marijuana laws on this page may not apply to medical marijuana. If you are facing marijuana crimes of any kind such as marijuana DUI, marijuana possession, selling or cultivation contact our Las Vegas marijuana possession defense lawyers. They have a very in depth knowledge of Nevada marijuana laws of all types.

Buying Marijuana In Nevada

Current Nevada marijuana laws state that only legal way to buy marijuana in Nevada is from a state-licensed store or dispensary. It remains illegal to buy marijuana from any other source. Customers purchasing retail marijuana will have to show proper identification proving they are 21 or older, just like for alcohol purchases.

Possessing Marijuana In Nevada

According to existing Nevada marijuana laws adults 21 years and older can legally possess marijuana in the following amounts:

  • Up to 1 ounce of marijuana
  • Up to 1/8 of an ounce of concentrated marijuana (the separated resin, whether crude or purified, obtained from marijuana)

Nevada Marijuana Laws Regarding Consumption

Adults 21 years and older in the state of Nevada are legally allowed to consume marijuana, but with restrictions on where it can be consumed:

  • You cannot use marijuana in any public place
  • You cannot use marijuana in a moving vehicle, even if you’re a passenger

Essentially, this means it can only be consumed on private property (at home, for example), and as long as the property owner has not prohibited it.

Nevada Marijuana Laws & Marijuana DUI

It is illegal and dangerous to drive under the influence of marijuana. Any amount of marijuana consumption puts you at risk of driving impaired.

Contact A Las Vegas Marijuana Crime Defense Attorney

You can click here to email Las Vegas, Nevada Marijuana Crime Defense Attorney Gregory D. Knapp. He has many years experience handling all types of drug crime cases and has a very thorough knowledge of Nevada marijuana laws.