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Las Vegas Bench Warrant Lawyers

las vegas bench warrant lawyersResolving Outstanding Bench Warrants

In order to make a legal arrest, an officer must either have grounds to make an arrest-such as driving under the influence of alcohol-or they must have a warrant for the individual’s arrest. An arrest warrant of any kind must be issued by the court or a judge. There are two types of arrest warrants: a regular arrest warrant and a bench warrant. Bench warrants are specifically issued by the court or judge when a person is in contempt of court, or when they have “skipped bail” and failed to appear at their court hearing. If you have an outstanding bench warrant out for your arrest in Clark County, Nevada you need the help of our Las Vegas bench warrant lawyers.

Many times, those who fail to come to court do not even realize that they had a court date. The warrant may have been sent to an old address or gotten lost in the mail, so the suspect never saw the document. Once the person gets pulled over for a minor infraction, the police will immediately arrest that individual. The suspect might have to stay in jail or pay thousands of dollars in bail to be freed from police custody.

Why Hire Our Las Vegas Bench Warrant Lawyers

If you have a bench warrant out against you, take immediate action in your defense by calling our Las Vegas bench warrant lawyers. As a former prosecutor, I know how your case will likely be prosecuted and can build your case accordingly. I may be able to prove that you never received the notice or thought that your case had been dismissed. If you were given a bench warrant for failing to comply with probation requirements, I may be able to show that you were unaware that you were supposed to provide proof of your compliance.  Another defense might be a case of mistaken identity because you share the same name as someone with a bench warrant. Your freedom depends on your choice of a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, so call my offices today to learn how I can fight your charges. Our Las Vegas bench warrant lawyers have many years of legal experience to use to your benefit.

When you retain a defense attorney from my firm, you will have constant access to your lawyer. I handle every case myself so that you don’t have to worry about who is handling your defense at any point in time. Additionally, I have extensive experience as a former Chief Deputy District Attorney in Clark County and can fight your criminal charges from every possible angle. Contact our Las Vegas bench warrant lawyers today to set up a free case evaluation and discuss your legal options regarding a bench warrant. I can provide the legal counsel and defense that you need when your freedom is at stake!

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