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Attorney Profile

If you want a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney with a proven track record of success, choose Gregory D. Knapp, Esq.

Greg KnappNot only am I significantly more qualified than nearly every other Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, but I also have a fantastic track record including a huge denial record in 2016 alone! A high rate of cases I’ve handled this year have been dismissed before my clients step foot into a court room.

As a former Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney, I have experience working on both sides of the courtroom, a background that gives me unique insight into the strategies that are likely to be used against you. Over the course of 10 years serving as a prosecutor, I gained first-hand knowledge of the procedures employed by law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting cases, and I know where to look for errors and weaknesses in the case that can be exploited to your advantage.

Between my time as a prosecutor and my career as a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer, I have been serving the community since 1998. Unlike many attorneys, I personally handle all my clients’ cases. When you come to the office of Gregory D. Knapp, Esq., you will be working with Gregory Knapp. This client-centered approach allows me to get to know you so that I can more effectively tell your story in court. As a result, I have a very high rate of case dismissals. In other words, I am very often successful in clearing my client’s name without even taking the case to a full jury trial. For examples of how I have helped clients in the past, take a moment to review some of my testimonials.

Don’t Settle for Less! Hire the Best!

I have the experience, success rate, knowledge and connections that set me apart from the rest. Hire Greg Knapp and give yourself the best possible chance.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Former Chief Deputy

    Former prosecutor and team chief for the D.A. I know how prosecutors fight, and that’s why I know how to win.

  • Trusted by All

    I have defended numerous high profile celebrities, police officers, detectives, casino executives, doctors, judges, pilots, their children and their families.

  • Search Warrants

    Seemingly illegal search and seizure? My extensive knowledge about the legalities of search warrants allows me to evaluate every aspect of a search/seizure. You don’t have to believe me, though. Just read the book on search and seizures that I co-wrote.

  • Criminal Law Professor

    10 years experience teaching Criminal Law to up and coming criminal defense attorneys.

  • Police Academy Trainer

    That’s right. I know what police are and aren’t allowed to do because I trained them!

  • Locations Throughout Nevada

    Why contain my incredible attorney abilities to Las Vegas when I can travel throughout Nevada? Laughlin, Moapa, and Pioche are all fair game.

Cases I Handle Have an Impressive Success Rate

  • Drugs

    Remember when Bruno Mars was arrested? I had a client at the exact same time with the exact same charges. Bruno Mars served time. My client paid a $250 fine and served no time at all. Moral? Bruno Mars should have hired me.

  • DUIs

    I’ve gotten cases dismissed even after a 5th DUI! I’m that good.

  • Supreme Court Cases

    State and Federal

  • Bad Checks or Stolen Cards

    Don’t worry. You totally didn’t know that wasn’t your credit card!

  • Domestic Violence

    Just call me the wife beater defender.

  • Execution and Death Penalty Cases

    Not only have I defended clients on trial for the death penalty, I have also seen the other side of these cases as a witness and kidnapping victim by THE Texas Seven.

  • Murder and Manslaughter

    From hit and runs to 1st degree.