Violent Crime

Violent Crime in Las Vegas.

The city of Las Vegas has seen a higher-than-average rate of violent crimes nearly every year for over a decade as shown in statistics provided by These crimes include murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, and arson, which only begin to scratch the surface of the charges filed in Las Vegas every year.

Violent crimes are those involving the threat or infliction of bodily injury to a victim. Therefore, violent crimes can include anything from assault and battery to manslaughter, DUI with injury, or domestic violence. Conviction of any such crime could result in jail time and high fines, or even a prison sentence, so don’t take chances. Contact the firm of Gregory D. Knapp, Esq. right away if you have been arrested for a violent crime in Las Vegas. I am a former Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney and can strengthen your defense based on knowledge of both sides of the criminal process.



I have been practicing law for more than 16 years in the Clark County area and can provide the aggressive and competent defense that you need. Without the assistance of a skilled lawyer, you could face a conviction and extensive time in jail or prison. Fight your charges today by hiring a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to handle your case. I handle every case myself so that you can have confidence in the quality of your defense. Call now or fill out my firm’s online case evaluation form to contact a lawyer who can help.