Probation Violation


When an individual is convicted of a crime in Nevada, one of two things can occur. They could be sentenced to jail or prison, or they could be granted probation in lieu of said incarceration. Probation is generally granted to persons who have been found guilty of their crime, but are believed to be deserving of some leniency in the form or probation, which allows them to continue with their life outside of jail or prison as long as they adhere to very strict rules and regulations. An individual on probation has many guidelines to abide by, including but not limited to:

  • They must not be charged with any further crimes
  • They must find and maintain a job
  • They must report regularly to a probation officer
  • They must not travel farther than a certain distance from a set geographical point


Arrested for a probation violation?

According to Nevada Revised Statute 176A.500, the court has authority to issue a warrant for a probationer’s arrest if they are accused of violating their probation terms. Such accusations are often false, which is why you should not hesitate to hire a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer from my firm right away if you have been arrested. Without the capable defense of an attorney, you could be convicted of a probation violation and sent back to serve the remaining term of your original jail or prison sentence without a chance of parole.



Gregory D. Knapp, Esq. can provide the representation and counsel you need to fight allegations of probation violation. I will thoroughly investigate your case to gather evidence that proves you did not violate your probation, preventing you from suffering the penalties of a conviction. I am a former Chief Deputy District Attorney in Clark County and have more than 16 years of legal experience in all areas of criminal defense.