Domestic Violence


When you are facing criminal charges of any kind, the most important step you can take is to hire a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. The same goes for charges of domestic violence or any other violent crime. Domestic violence charges can result in a conviction that leaves a permanent mark on you record, preventing you from getting a job, an apartment, or a home loan because of your outstanding record. You could even lose your right to bear arms. This is why it is in your best interest to contact the offices of Gregory D. Knapp, Esq. as soon as possible in order to fight your charges.



Having practiced law in Clark County, NV since 1998, I have over a decade of experience. Much of that time was spent as a former prosecutor, giving me insight into your prosecutor’s strategies. I understand that domestic disputes can spiral out of control, particularly in-home disputes. That is why I would be happy to discuss the details of your case through a confidential case evaluation meeting. Together, we can work towards a strong defense so that you can obtain the court ruling you deserve. Call today to set up your free initial consultation appointment.

Hire a domestic violence attorney from my firm today if you have been arrested, or if you are under investigation for domestic violence. I can provide aggressive pre-charge investigation defense, as well as fight for you in court. Call my offices right away or fill out the case evaluation to learn more. With extensive expereince on my side, I am more than capable of providing you with the legal defense you need! Contact a Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer today!